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Is it possible to teach the child incredible abilities within a few months??
Imagine that your child can count in memory, add, subtract, multiply and divide faster than with a use of calculator. We are talking about, for example, 50 numbers that we dictate to the child, and when speaking the last number, the child immediately gives the result! Imagine that a child quickly solves the Rubik’s cube, can write the same way with the right and left hand, can better understand and remember the text dictated by the teacher and much more.

Is it possible?


YES, our Genius program is a set of scientifically developed exercises for better development of children brain.
Our program has a Asian, European and American roots as it was developed and presented in those regions.

The main part of the Genius Program is teaching how to count fast with a use of Abacus, but unlike other educational programs on the market with Genius program we will teach children how to solve Rubik’s cube (improvement of visualization and concentration), left and right writing hand simultaneously (synchronization of both hemispheres of the brain), we will teach the child to read and write faster, develop photographic memory and much more.

All the exercises developed in the Genius program help to build the proper balance between the right and left sides of the brain. Correct brain synchronization is a guarantee of its proper development. The brain’s hemisphere is responsible for better imagination, visualization, creativity, musical and artistic skills and emotions management.

Through Genius course we will teach Your Child

– How to count fast with Abacus tool
– How to write fast
– How to read fast
– How to solve a  Rubik Cube
– How to write and draw with both hands simultaneously
– Many more

Why is our franchise one of the best on the market?

Our great Genius program works as a franchisee. We are now starting new centers in many countries in the world. Contact us if You want to start a Genius center in Your home city.

Main information about Genius Franchise
  • Franchise fee from 6,000 to 10,000 Euro for 5 years
  • Return of investment within 10-14 months
  • Profit of around 100,000 Euro after just 3 years

Franchisee fee in EURO


Return of Investment in months


Monthly center profit in Euro


The owner of a Genius franchise program is a

Boston Capital Group LLC.

We believe that the future of humankind is all about making ourselves better. Nowadays, artificial intelligence, the ever-increasing power of computers, smartphones and the world of the Internet are making our brain development worse than ever as many things are done automatically without us even knowing it or using our brains.
Our company focuses on making people better. For this reason, we developed an educational program that includes a number of activities to help children aged 5 to 16 to learn some exceptional skills that will give them a greater advantage in their adult lives.
Our program was developed based on extensive research and many years of experience in the field of children’s education. It is meant for to all children, to develop and expand the capabilities of the right side of the brain, which is responsible for creativity, visuality, imagination, intuition, rhythm and arts etc.
Through our GENIUS program we are able to develop skills like very fast counting using a special abacus tool, solving the Rubik’s cube, writing with both hands at the same time and many more.
Abacus is the most ancient tool used for the purpose of calculations. It is one of the most important calculating devices invented for the calculation purposes. With the help of an abacus, simple arithmetical functions are easy to learn. In addition to that, enrolling your kid in GENIUS classes can also help them to bring up their confidence and concentration level in their daily activities. Not only that, learning abacus can also help a child to improve their memory.
For a long past, our education system has been concentrating in the development of left brain such as reading, writing, calculating, analyzing, logic and theoretical academic. But there should be some training for the right brain such as music, mental arithmetic, arts & handicrafts.
In this highly competitive world, what we seek is not merely the education of the left-brain but the development of the cerebrum as a whole. The learning Abacus mental arithmetic accelerates the development of the brain.

Q&A about Genius Franchise

What is the cost of Genius Franchise fee?
The cost of our franchisee depends on the Country and the size of Town but it varies from 6,000 Euro to 10,000 Euro for a unit franchisee.


What amount of Royalty is calculated of Genius franchise?
22% royalty is generated from all students that are attending Genius classes.


For how long the agreement is sign and what happens after?
Our agreement is sign for 5 Years. After this time it is possible to continue with another 5 year agreement with only 1% of franchise fee.


How do You support a new franchisees?
We support our franchisees starting from internet marketing through facebook/adwords ads, making a web page. Also we help financially as we provide free of charge starting kits for first 10 kids.


What premise is required for running Genius classes?
In order to run Genius classes we do not require additional equipment like computers or any other electronic equipment. We require a 15-30 square meters room. For starting the business we do not require a special premise only for Genius classes. Classes can take place in rented class. After crossing a number of 40-50 active students than a separate premise is required with a size of 50-70 sq meters.


What training does franchise provides?
We provide training in four business fields. Marketing, sales, software and our 6 modules teaching.


Why is Genius course unique? What are the differences over other Abacus courses on the market?
Our Genius course is not only a Abacus course. Abacus is about 50% of what we are teaching children. Our course is also a Rubik Cube solving, writing with both hands, improving fast writing and reading and many more.


How easy is to open a Genius center?
It is very easy. We are able to open the center in just 2-4 weeks. We have all answers to Your questions and we are here to support You in every possible way when opening and than running the center.


What are the payment for franchise fee conditions?
In order to confirm the business and start a franchisee we require a 20% franchisee fee payment. We require a 20% payment each next month during the center opening so maximum during 4 months. In order to start the Genius courses at least 80% of franchisee fee must be paid.

As a owner how much work will I have to run the Genius center?
We require full time work for at least first 6 months of Genius center operation. Later when there will be around 50-70 active students the owner can work for only 2-3 hours and all other work can be done by center employees.


Do You have additional questions?
We are ready to answer them :), just contact us.


Contact Us!

Genius Europe

Klimczaka Street 8a lok. 66

02-797 Warsaw


+48 535 555 566

+48 513 076 423